Azure Networking services


Linking compute resources and providing access to applications is the key function of Azure networking. Networking functionality in Azure includes a range of options to connect the outside world to services and features in the global Azure datacenters.

Here are some examples of networking services in Azure.

Service nameService function
Azure Virtual NetworkConnects VMs to incoming virtual private network (VPN) connections.
Azure Load BalancerBalances inbound and outbound connections to applications or service endpoints.
Azure Application GatewayOptimizes app server farm delivery while increasing application security.
Azure VPN GatewayAccesses Azure Virtual Networks through high-performance VPN gateways.
Azure DNSProvides ultra-fast DNS responses and ultra-high domain availability.
Azure Content Delivery NetworkDelivers high-bandwidth content to customers globally.
Azure DDoS ProtectionProtects Azure-hosted applications from distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks.
Azure Traffic ManagerDistributes network traffic across Azure regions worldwide.
Azure ExpressRouteConnects to Azure over high-bandwidth dedicated secure connections.
Azure Network WatcherMonitors and diagnoses network issues by using scenario-based analysis.
Azure FirewallImplements high-security, high-availability firewall with unlimited scalability.
Azure Virtual WANCreates a unified wide area network (WAN) that connects local and remote sites.

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