Azure Databases services


Azure provides multiple database services to store a wide variety of data types and volumes. And with global connectivity, this data is available to users instantly.

Service nameService function
Azure Cosmos DBGlobally distributed database that supports NoSQL options.
Azure SQL DatabaseFully managed relational database with auto-scale, integral intelligence, and robust security.
Azure Database for MySQLFully managed and scalable MySQL relational database with high availability and security.
Azure Database for PostgreSQLFully managed and scalable PostgreSQL relational database with high availability and security.
SQL Server on Azure Virtual MachinesService that hosts enterprise SQL Server apps in the cloud.
Azure Synapse AnalyticsFully managed data warehouse with integral security at every level of scale at no extra cost.
Azure Database Migration ServiceService that migrates databases to the cloud with no application code changes.
Azure Cache for RedisFully managed service caches frequently used and static data to reduce data and application latency.
Azure Database for MariaDBFully managed and scalable MariaDB relational database with high availability and security.

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