Azure Big data services

Big data

Data comes in all formats and sizes. When we talk about big data, we’re referring to large volumes of data. Data from weather systems, communications systems, genomic research, imaging platforms, and many other scenarios generate hundreds of gigabytes of data. This amount of data makes it hard to analyze and make decisions. It’s often so large that traditional forms of processing and analysis are no longer appropriate.

Open-source cluster technologies have been developed to deal with these large data sets. Azure supports a broad range of technologies and services to provide big data and analytic solutions.

Service nameDescription
Azure Synapse AnalyticsRun analytics at a massive scale by using a cloud-based enterprise data warehouse that takes advantage of massively parallel processing to run complex queries quickly across petabytes of data.
Azure HDInsightProcess massive amounts of data with managed clusters of Hadoop clusters in the cloud.
Azure DatabricksIntegrate this collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics service with other big data services in Azure.

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