GCP: Autoscaling, cool-down period and Autohealing

Autoscaling: Dynamically creates or deletes VMs to meet the instance group target. The setting of 80% means that the autoscaler will kick in when operating at 80% of the HTTP(S) Load Balancer’s balancing mode setting. This can be based on connection rate or CPU utilization. Cool-down period: How long to wait before collecting information from…

GCP: What about those Routes I see in the Network console?

What about those Routes I see in the Network console? GCP Networking uses Routes to direct packets between subnetworks and to the Internet. Whenever a subnetwork is created (or pre-created) in your Network, routes are automatically created in each region to allow packets to route between subnetworks. These cannot be modified. Additional routes can be…

GCP: Create firewall rules with gcloud command

#gcloud compute firewall-rules create nw101-allow-http \ > –allow tcp:80 –network networking101 –source-ranges \ > –target-tags http-server Creating firewall…-Created [https://www.googleapis.com/compute/v1/projects/spartan-network-198022/global/firewalls/nw101-allow-http]. Creating firewall…done. NAME NETWORK DIRECTION PRIORITY ALLOW DENY nw101-allow-http networking101 INGRESS 1000 tcp:80 Updates are available for some Cloud SDK components. To install them, please run: $ gcloud components update

GCP: How to measure latency between VMs?

Example: speed of light in fiber, which is roughly 202562 km/s or or 125866 miles/s. VM 1: e1-vm (Berkeley County, South Carolina) VM 2: eu1-vm (St. Ghislain, Belgium) Distance as the crow flies: 6837.20km Ideal latency: 6837.20 km / 202562 km/s * 1000 ms/s * 2 = 67.51 ms Observed latency: 93.40 ms (minimum counts) https://www.daftlogic.com/projects-google-maps-distance-calculator.htm https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/regions-zones/regions-zones#available

GCP Internal DNS: How is DNS provided for VM instances?

Internal DNS: How is DNS provided for VM instances? Each instance has a metadata server that also acts as a DNS resolver for that instance. DNS lookups are performed for instance names. The metadata server itself stores all DNS information for the local network and queries Google’s public DNS servers for any addresses outside of…