Docker Enterprise

Docker Enterprise provides a consistent and secure end-to-end application pipeline, choice of tools and languages, and globally consistent Kubernetes environments that run in any cloud. Docker Enterprise automates many of the tasks that oschestration requires, like provisioning pods, containers, and cluster resources. Self-healing component ensure that Docker Enterprise clusters remain highly available. Docker Engine Enterprise is a hardened and secure version of Docker Engine. Docker EE cluster can be provisioned on both public and private cloud platforms.

Docker EE comprise with following features:

  • Security & Access Control
  • Universal Control Plane (UCP) & Trusted Registry (DTR)
  • Docker Swarm Service
  • Kubernetes Service

Universal Control Plane (UCP) is the enterprise-grade cluster management platform from Docker. You install it on-premises or in your virtual private cloud, and it helps you manage your Docker cluster and applications through a single interface.

Docker Trusted Registry (DRT) is the enterprise-grade image storage solution from Docker. You install it behind your firewall so that you can securely store and manage the Docker images you use in your applications


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