AWS Security challenges

● Lack of end-end Security Visibility● 73% of Companies have Critical AWS Security Misconfigurations● Continuous Compliance & Remediation● Not Implementing Data Protection Mechanism● Failure to Enable Logging on All S3 buckets. S3 Bucket Permissions.● IAM Users Granted Direct Permissions● Disabled, Not Enabled, or Improperly Configured CloudTrail● Broad IP Range Access for DB Security Groups● VPC…

Top 13 critical issues to cloud security

Data breaches Insufficient identity, credential, and access management Insecure interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs) System vulnerabilities Account hijacking Malicious insiders Advanced persistent threats (APTs) Data loss Insufficient due diligence Abuse and nefarious use of cloud services Denial of service (DoS) Shared technology vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown