Common AWS services pricing models

ServicePricing Factors
Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)RegionAmount of storage usedStorage classNumber and type of requests (GET, PUT, COPY)Amount of data transferred out of the region
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)Instance typeCompute capacity per hour or per second depending on instancePurchase type (discussed below)
AWS Auto ScalingThere is no charge for AWS Auto ScalingPay only for scaled AWS resources (for example, EC2 instances) and Amazon CloudWatch monitoring
AWS LambdaNumber of requests for functions, per 1M requestsDuration (time it takes for code to execute per GB-second)
Amazon Elastic Block StoreGB volume provisioned per monthSnapshot storage in Amazon S3 and volume of data transferred across regionsOutbound data transfer (inbound data transfer is free)
Amazon Relational Database ServiceDatabase engine and instance typeOn-Demand versus Reserved InstancesBackup Storage and RegionData transfer
CloudFrontRegionData transfer out to internet or origin (per GB)HTTP/HTTPS requests (per 10,000)
DynamoDBOn-demand and provisioned capacity availableReads and writesData transfer out to other AWS Regions

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