AWS Database Services

Database TypeUse CasesAWS Service
RelationalTraditional applications, ERP, CRM, e-commerceAmazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift
Key-valueHigh-traffic web apps, e-commerce systems, gaming applicationsAmazon DynamoDB
In-memoryCaching, session management, gaming leaderboards, geospatial applicationsAmazon ElastiCache for Memcached, Amazon ElastiCache for Redis
DocumentContent management, catalogs, user profilesAmazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)
Wide columnHigh-scale industrial apps for equipment maintenance, fleet management, and route optimizationAmazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)
GraphFraud detection, social networking, recommendation enginesAmazon Neptune
Time seriesIoT applications, DevOps, industrial telemetryAmazon Timestream
LedgerSystems of record, supply chain, registrations, banking transactionsAmazon QLDB

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