To migrate data between encrypted and unencrypted AWS EBS volumes

To migrate data between encrypted and unencrypted volumes.

  1. Create your destination volume (encrypted or unencrypted, depending on your need).
  2. Attach the destination volume to the instance that hosts the data to migrate.
  3. Make the destination volume available by following the procedures in Making an Amazon EBS Volume Available for Use. For Linux instances, you can create a mount point at /mnt/destination and mount the destination volume there.
  4. Copy the data from your source directory to the destination volume. It may be most convenient to use a bulk-copy utility for this.

To encrypt a volume’s data by means of snapshot copying

  1. Create a snapshot of your unencrypted EBS volume. This snapshot is also unencrypted.
  2. Copy the snapshot while applying encryption parameters. The resulting target snapshot is encrypted.
  3. Restore the encrypted snapshot to a new volume, which is also encrypted.

For more information on EBS Encryption , please refer to the below document link: from AWS


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